Course Update

June 2019


A further two applications using a selective herbicide for Winter grass suppression has been applied on all putting surfaces, a liquid fertiliser and fungicide was also sprayed during the month of May. Listed are images of the 7th green after renovations last September 2018. Images show how much winter grass was present and reduced Winter grass by 80% in greens.

Figure 1 – Winter grass yellow clusters 7 green last September 2018
Figure 2 – Bent grass green 7 May 2019

Greens were again dusted then verti drained using an 8mm solid tine, we then applied a soil wetting agent to aid grass with air/water movement and most of all to improve root depth. We will again spike greens in mid-winter. Encroaching couch grass in and around all greens was spot sprayed using another selective herbicide and kikuyu again painted using a total herbicide. All surfaces will stay at 3mm cutting height and we have been rolling on Wednesdays and Fridays wind pending.


All new couch/levelled tee areas were sprayed to suppress unwanted Kikuyu. Couch grass fairways are included as part of an ongoing program until completely removed.

Figure 3 – Yellowing kikuyu around couch tees


Image below shows ‘no mow zones’ and Kikuyu sprayed out to reduce the thickness to find balls and play without too much difficulty. These areas are right side 7th , 8th and 12th both sides. The areas house native grasses and when left alone have improved the look of these holes. It is the kikuyu that slows play and shot making potential.  These areas take a little time to nurture and come to fruition.

Figure 4 – Kikuyu yellowing among native grasses no mown areas 12th


Weeds and lilies were cleared which have built up over time choking oxygen levels in water.


5.5mm of rainfall was recorded.

Irrigation repairs continued they were:

  • Replace non-working head on the 6th fairway and replace 2 faulty solenoids also on the 6th.
  • Replace damaged head on the right side of the 2nd green, we think from a vandal.
  • Outside contractor repaired a non-return valve on main pump No 2 that housed debris holding the valve open we will investigate further to prevent this re occurring.


Trimmed and weeds sprayed raked on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. Sand was added into the bunker front right side on the 5th. Ongoing work will continue over the winter.


Continue spraying in and around gardens/tree bases. The bare garden area on the left side of the clubhouse before the pro shop has been planted out with pig face.  Due to reduced growth blue lines have been sprayed on approaches of greens to protect turf from traffic. GUR painting on selective areas. After strong winds the netting was fixed poles on the 5th front tee. New nets have been ordered for the 2 practice bays rear of Clubhouse as they are becoming unsafe


Assist ground staff with the trimming of small fig trees in front of clubhouse along Corrimal street that will be completed next week. Paint toilet block rear of the 10th green more blending with the Course surroundings. New nets will be hung for the practice nets. Please limit the use to half a dozen shots as these are to be used as warm up nets.


Further tea tree was planted on holes 3,4 and 6.


The last of two roller doors on the maintenance facility has been replaced.


  • Solid tine all teeing areas and selective fairways.
  • Commence/continue works programmed for directional signage.
  • Remove dead small trees in selective areas, trim trees along Corrimal Street.
  • VMP – plant out selective areas of where Bitou Bush has been sprayed using Wattle and Tea Trees tube stock.
  • Like last year continue with the raising of irrigation heads and valve boxes.
  • Improve bunker floors moving sand from built up back edges using machine and blade.
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