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Junior News.

Each skills class now has the possibility of 2 PGA members supervising the Junior golfers and adding their learning skills, playing and values.

Tigers class has the been popular lately. Being the final step before joining members in 18 competition golf. 18 kids have registered for the class with 16 spots available each week. In Tigers class we score over 5 holes, record stats and handicap.

JNJG have taken notice of the popularity of Junior golf at Wollongong Golf Club and have appointed Darius Gear as the “Juniors on the Move” Co-ordinator for the Illawarra version of Juniors on the Move. Juniors on the move is another avenue for development that introduces competition play over a scaled down format. Perfect for 8-14yo that have developed their skills and playing ability through local golf programmes. One Sunday per month, 9 holes, at a different golf course in the Illawarra. ( Junior members may be entitled to a rebate for entry into JOM )