Following the amalgamation with City Diggers, the Asset Share Project is an opportunity to upgrade the facilities of the Club for our Members and make the Clubhouse a more attractive option for visitors.

Currently planned across three stages, the project will see the gaming lounge redesigned with new facilities for members and guests including a new gaming room. The expansion of this area will result in the relocation of the TAB area to the Semi-private area adjacent to the proshop (Tap Inn, South Exit) with the TAB screens located on the western wall.

The project will also see a reconfiguration of the gaming lounge at City Diggers and upgrade of the café area in the front of the club. The area will service the members during the day and extend into evening trade.

When will the project be delivered?

We expect the third and final stage to be competed by October 2021. Stage One will commence in June.

How will members benefit?

Further investment in community causes will continue with WGC now participating in the CDSE community grants program, honouring City Diggers commitments.

“Community causes” means cash contributions made by WGC to community via the CDSE or charitable fundraising. “CDSE” means the Community Development and Support Expenditure (CDSE) scheme, a statewide initiative whereby Clubs provide financial support for projects and services that contribute to the wellbeing of their communities. Some of the organisation that currently benefit from the program include Wollongong Legacy Illawarra, Cancer Carers, Wollongong City SLSC, War Widows Guild of Wollongong, Lifeline South Coast, Wollongong Mission, Rotary Club of Fairy Meadow, South Coast Scouts UOW Amateur Soccer

Will there be any interruption to Golf or Club services during this project?

There will be no interruption to golf and some interruption to the gaming service areas at WGC. CD front bar area will be isolated during the works. Work will be scheduled where possible outside heavy trade days and peak times.

Would you like to know more?

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