Course Update

March 2019

Image: 13th Fairway (12 months ago it was dust!)

All greens were cored and top-dressed, with a first cut at 5mm, and resume back 3mm in short time as weather will favour a full speedy recovery. Figure 1 is new sand into holes that relieves soil compaction and promotes root growth. The sand must be dry and then worked into holes using steel drag mats. This was a great team effort from Staff and Volunteers THANK YOU.

Image: Core & Sand

Other works on putting surfaces continued and were:

• Two programmed applications for Winter Grass suppression.
• Spot dabbing of encroaching kikuyu in and around green edges.
• Fertilise using both soluble/liquid products.
• All greens again dusted.
• Flat weeds were spot sprayed using a selective herbicide.
• Greens rolled on a weekly basis day of Wednesday, not on sanded greens.
• Greens cutting on days of Monday through Thursday and again on Saturday, not on sanded greens.

Grooming of surfaces continued, kikuyu in roughs 1,6,7,18 was again sprayed with a light rate of a total herbicide for its removal. Selective tees and unsightly bare patches in fairways were fertilised.

Continued grooming at times cut twice per week due to increased growth at 67mm.

Continue spraying of water lilies using an Aquatic registered herbicide using our own equipment. Long grass was trimmed using line trimmers.

74mm of rainfall was recorded for March, repairs to the irrigation system continued
• Repair lateral fractures 4 in total in the 18th fairway and another 2 either side of the 16th fairway. Leaking old valve that was caped in the 12th tee cost parts $800.
• Replace non-working head in the 13th fairway with new, replace gear drive for the 6th green.
• Replace broken fitting that houses a fixed watering point for the 7th green.
• Replace 5 electric decoders due to lightning damage in fairways 1,2,7 cost parts $2200.
• Replace old 100mm fittings that has been repaired before. As a total fix a Contractor replaced the section using poly and fused welded joiners, at the same time we added x 2 isolation valves

Image: Old Leaking Fittings
Image: New Poly and Isolation Valves

Trimmed and weeds sprayed, raked on days of Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and Saturday.

House further red new hazard pegs. GURs painted weekly, blue lines has stopped due to increased growth and coverage we will introduce again as weather gets cooler.


Volunteers housed taller new timber edging on the bridge rear of the 5th to prevent carts from entering Riparian.

Image: Volunteers. Pictured – Paul Hogben & Peter Smith

• Spray all warm season playing surfaces with a pre-emergent herbicide to prevent Winter grass.

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