Women’s Golf

Beginner Birdies Event

  • Monthly Beginner class (sat)
  • 2 Beginner classes open up membership offer and pathway below

Birdies Membership $300 PA

  • Weekly group tuition (wed 3-4) & Weekend Session TBC $20 per session
  • On course play 7 days a week for $9 per round
  • Theory Sessions covering etiquette, rules and scoring (6 sessions per year) $0
  • WhatsApp group inclusion (platform to arrange golf with each other)
  • Meet & Greet with ladies committee and Women members (2 x PA)
  • Use of Practice facilities  $0
  • Ability to gain official Golf Australia Handicap

Birdie Experiences

  • Inclusion to special Club events Such Autumn Cup, Spring Cup (must have H CAP)
  • Inclusion to Women’s Charity events
  • Private Tuition
  • Tues/Thur/Sat/Sun competition opportunities
  • Birdie group social gatherings July & December 
  • Bringing your friends for a game

Full Membership

  • Eagle member ship (social play)
  • 6 Day member  (social and comp)
  • 7 Day member  (social and comp)          

Birdies Membership information 

Birdies membership is a fantastic way to see if golf is for you, this membership is a stepping stone for full memberships at Wollongong golf club. Birdies membership is for the female golfer looking to enhance their golfing skills so they can play golf with confidence anywhere they go.

What’s included in the birdies membership? 

  • Access to course 7 days per week (at discounted rate)
  • Access to Practice facilities (at no cost)
  • Loyalty points when you swipe your card at proshop, bar and bistro

What else is offered with the birdies membership?

The following will be offered to Birdie members as an additional extra, please note that this is subject to coaches and staff availability

  • PGA Professional clinics (max 6 students booking online)
  • Meet and greet with ladies committee
  • Theory sessions ( see details later in this document)
  • A regular social play ‘block booking’ during the week (see detail later in this document)
  • Social gatherings In July and December

Can I still get lessons from a Professional?

Yes. Private or group private lessons can be arrange at any time with PGA professionals to work on anything specific, private lessons can be great way to fast track your development.

How do I know what equipment to buy? 

By speaking to one of our qualified Professionals they will be able to guide you into the best club’s for your skill level, goals and price range.

What is the Birdies ‘WhatsApp’ group? 

Birdies ‘WhatsApp’ group is a way of communication for the birdie members to organise golf @ Wollongong golf club the PGA professional will monitor it and police it.

Rules of WhatsApp group

  • Communication between 9am-5pm
  • Only games at Wollongong Golf club should be offered
  • If you want to reply to messages reply in private to that person

Open this link to join my WhatsApp

Group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/LCmpw6mQhHSHclTZwP6aES

Please Note: Any specific questions about playing golf, practice time, lessons, tee times or birdies membership should be directed to Golf team by email proshop@the19th.com.au

Ladies ‘Meet and greet’ with committee members? 

As a birdie member you will be invited by the ladies committee of Wollongong golf club to meet each other, this event will be 5 holes of golf followed by food and drinks. A great way to meet fellow members of WGC also common golf etiquette, basic rules and pace of play.

What is the Theory session?  

The Birdies theory sessions will be offered to Birdie Members whose golfing skills are ready to play regular golf on course, obtain a handicap and participate in competitions.

Sessions will be held when possible, there will be 4 key areas for discussion

  • Etiquette
  • Rules of Golf
  • Competitions types/scoring
  • Pace Of play guidelines

What is the Birdie MEMBERS Clinic?

The MEMEBER Birdies clinics are designed to help birdie members improve their golf, when offered the coach will take students over different skills, drills and even on course learning. All bookings and cancellations must be made on the online booking system https://golflesson.as.me/schedule.php

Each Month We will focus on block learning with 4 sessions on the following areas

  • Chipping (June)
  • Putting (July)
  • 8,7,6 Irons (August)
  • FWY Woods & Driver (September)
  • On Course Learning (October)
  • Pitching (November)
  • Chipping (December)

As a learning golfer it is extremely important to continue learning correct fundamentals, hitting, chipping, putting and on course scoring, booking in and committing to 4 sessions on a specific skill area will give members a guaranteed increase in skill and lower golf scores.

How do I get a handicap? 

Speak to the proshop team to assess if you are ready!

To get a handicap at Wollongong Golf club you must play three 18 hole rounds within a competition time with another member of WGC

Once you have scored three rounds and they have been signed and verified by a member you will be assigned a Golf Australia Handicap.  (This means you can play anywhere in the world)

What happens when my membership runs out? 

All birdies members will be contacted by golf operation’s team to discuss options for renewal or full membership on completion of birdies membership. You can be a birdies member for 2 years from the commencement date.

When is a Birdies membership no longer for me? 

  • If you are playing 18 holes regularly
  • If you have an Official GA Handicap
  • If you are playing competition golf

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