Greg Kerr - Wollongong Golf Club Tuition
Greg Kerr - Wollongong Golf Club Lessons

Our team of highly qualified PGA Professionals at Wollongong Golf Club are passionate about the game, and look forward to improving your performance and helping you to achieve your goals.

Tuition is available to members and visitors seven days a week.

Our lesson packages are flexible and can be custom built to suit your goals and availability. 


  • Swing correction
  • Chipping
  • Putting
  • Equipment advice/fitting
  • Physical assessment
  • Course management
  • Mental strategies

Meet our PGA Professional, Lisa Jean

Lisa’s Teaching Philosophy

Golf is a game for all ages and levels. My teaching philosophy is based on the person as everyone is unique. I believe there isn’t one way to swing a golf club. I work with the person’s natural tendencies and abilities. Golf is a great game and I like seeing my students improve and enjoy their golf. As I have had a lot of injuries I always ask about people’s physical limitations and always strive to help them work around their incapability’s.

Lesson Rates – Lisa Jean, PGA Professional

  • Half Hour Lesson $70
  • One Hour Lesson $130
  • On Course Lesson (appx 2 Hours) $250 includes green fees and 9 hole cart usage
  • Women’s Casual Clinic $25 per person, per clinic

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